João (Gabriel) Imai, multimedia production:
video, motion, design and web.


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Graphic animation in 2D and 3D.

Roadkill Sons - Bad Days

Roadkill Sons - Tribute to Death / Bad Days

2013 | 4:50min

Lyric video of the two singles of Roadkill Sons (2nd single 1:30m). Post-production.
Art Direction: Fabio Matta.

Culture Shock - Fire

Culture Shock - Fire

2013 | 3:30min

Production of the videoclip of the canadian band Culture Shock. Animation, design, script and post-production with chroma key.

Projeto Amazing Horse

Project Amazing Horse

2012 | 1:05min

Typographic animation project in tribute of the viral "Weebl's Stuff - Amazing Horse".

Vinheta - AlmA Londrina

Titles - AlmA Londrina

2017 | 12secs

Opening and closing titles developed for the project AlmA Londrina. See more

Vinheta - Loja Tuberia

Teaser - Loja Tuberia

2016 | 14secs

Promotional teaser for the announcement of the e-commerce Tuberia.

Vinheta - lgor Kasuya

Titles - lgor Kasuya

2015 | 13secs

Opening and closing titles developed for the channel lgor Kasuya.

Infográfico Animado - Currículo Digital

Animated Infographic - Digital CV

2012 | 1:10min

Animated infographic featuring a digital CV.
The identity was altered due client request.
Design and animation.

Campanha Ibiporã - Vem Vem

Election Campaign - Vem Vem

2012 | 1:10min

Typographic animation for the release of the 2012 campaign jingle of mayor José Maria in Ibiporã - PR.

Campanha Ibiporã - Cidade Digital

Election Campaign - Digital City

2012 | 1:20min

Animation merging video and motion graphics developed for the 2012 election campaign in Ibiporã - PR.


Production and editing of video and audio.

London Pass 2012

London Pass 2012

2013 | 3:05min

Authoral project in tribute to my one month trip to London in 2012.
Script, recording, editing and audio editing.

Um (1) Dia em Amsterdam

One (1) Day in Amsterdam

2012 | 1:00min

Authoral project picturing my 1 day experience in Amsterdam.
Script, recording, editing and audio editing.

Londrina em Mais Um Dia

Londrina in Another Day

2010 | 2:15min

Videoclip of Londrina featuring another day of the city. The film won the contest RPC TV 2010 with the version of 1 minute.

Sarará Criolo - Suingue do Simonal

Sarará Criolo - Suingue do Simonal

2012 | 5:20min

Production of the videoclip series of the band Sarará Criolo. Staff credited at the end.
Watch the others here.

Terra Celta - Promocional

Terra Celta - Promocional

2011 | 3:50min

Promotional videoclip of the band Terra Celta. Footages recorded around Brazil. Script inspired by the moments of the show.

Hocus Pocus - Blood

Hocus Pocus - Blood

2011 | 5:15min

Videoclip of the band Hocus Pocus, during the recording of the single "Blood". Recording and editing. Audio production: High Voltage studio.

Samb'up - Stand Up Show

Samb'up - Stand Up Show

2013 | 5:45min

Presentation videoclip of Samb'up, stand up and samba. Editing and post-production. Recording made together with Irra Studio.

Making of - Sarará Criolo

Making of - Sarará Criolo

2011 | 1:00min

Making of series of the recording of the band Sarará Criolo in PlayRecPause studio.
Watch previous editions here.

Campanha - Fora da Lei no Trânsito

Campaign - Outlaw in Traffic

2012 | 30secs

Traffic campaign produced by Specialization in Radio and TV Pitágoras. Broadcasted on Band channel (Tarobá). See more


Production for companies and corporations.

Higiban - Série de Produtos

Higiban - Products Catalog

2012 | 1:10min

Series developed for the presentation of the catalog of the company Higiban.
Production and art direction: DSi&BardeIdeias. Veja mais

LPR Estandes Online

LPR Online Stands

2013 | 2:05min

Animation of the usage of the online system. Digital recording, editing and post-production.
In partnership with K2 Comunicação.

Pitaiex - Perfect Mop

Pitaiex - Perfect Mop

2011 | 2:35min

Promotional video of the product Perfect Mop. Recording, editing and post-production.
Production and art direction: Bar de Ideias.

Campanha - Eu Amo Morar no Centro

Campaign - I Love Living in Downtown

2013 | 1:00min

Announcement campaign of the central building Smartcity. Post-production.
Production and art direction: Bar de Ideias.

Multquímica - Limpa Grill

Multquímica - Grill Cleaner

2011 | 1:40min

Demonstration video of the product Limpa Grill. Recording, editing and post-production.
Production and art direction: Bar de Ideias.

Pitaiex - Perfect Masc

Pitaiex - Perfect Masc

2012 | 1:30min

Promotional video of the product Perfect Masc. Editing and post-production.
Production and art direction: Bar de Ideias.

ONG Viver - Teatro Itinerante

ONG Viver - Itinerant Theater

2014 | 8:40min

Recording of the charity event of Itinerant Theater at ONG Viver.
Recording, editing and post-production.

MegaMamute - Lançamento Scouter2

MegaMamute - Release of Scouter2

2012 | 30secs

Promotional webvideo for the release of Scouter2 at the e-commerce MegaMamute.
Design and post-production.

AdesivoWeb - Como Comprar

AdesivoWeb - How to Purchase

2010 | 1:05min

Demonstration video illustrating a sticker purchase at the e-commerce AdesivoWeb.
In partnership with K2 Comunicação.